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Dear Daughter,

Tonight I was sad as we chatted in bed,

You shared with me your fears for the future ahead.

You’re excited, you said, and your heart’s full of love,

But will I still embrace you, will you still be enough?

It has always been me and you from day one,

A bond unbroken; a song to be sung.

Our days play out one note at a time,

And so far the track plays to a beautiful chime.

Don’t worry, my darling, love for you won’t be shared,

Just more in the making, love spread and aired.

Our days in the sun will still be full of laughter,

As together we begin our brand new chapter.

Don’t worry, my darling, I’ll still wipe your tears,

Kiss you goodnight and diminish your fears.

Our family is growing with a new dimension,

But you will still have my unconditional affection.

Don’t worry, my darling, it will be a blessing all around,

When your sister arrives she’ll make you so proud.

Right here in this arm, I will hold her tight, true,

But here in this other, there will always be you.

Mummy x


4 thoughts on “A Letter To My Daughter.

  1. Doreen watson says:

    Steph I am in tears me here


  2. Doreen watson says:

    Steph how lovely you have me in tears


  3. Diane Joyce says:



  4. Carol Smith says:

    Beautifully written with great affection xx


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